"I see the future of Baroque orchestral music in the hands of modern ensembles – the fetish of the ‘original instrument’ has had its day, but not the profoundly trained professional who guides an orchestra into the deeper dimensions of the composition. For it isn’t the instrument that makes the music, but the head!"
Reinhard Goebel

The Süddeutsche Zeitung reveres him as an ‘icon of early music’, and the New York Times applauds him as a ‘light in a sea of mediocrity’. Reinhard Goebel specialises in the repertoire of the 17th and 18th centuries; As an expounder of period performance practice for both early music ensembles and modern orchestras, and as an endless fount of knowledge about gems of the repertoire, he is a world-renowned specialist.

His new recording of the Brandenburg Concertos for Sony Classical (2017), with the Berliner Barock Solisten, was acclaimed by the press. Eleonore Büning, on SWR2 radio: ‘It’s as romantic as the legendary first recording, just as sensual, stormy, sparkling,…

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